Guidelines – Initial assessment and management of Pancreatic Lesions for Primary Care Practitioners

There is an urgent need to develop evidence-based guidelines providing practical recommendations for the initial management of pancreatic lesions, both solid and cystic ones. These guidelines will drive the practice of general practitioners / non pancreas specialists in the first evaluation, counselling and eventual patient’s referral to the correct specialists of the field. This will likely improve outcomes and quality oflife, reducing unnecessary diagnostic exams and the burden on specialised healthcare services, resulting in cost and time savings.

Expected outcomes of these Guidelines should be:

  • Improved diagnostic accuracy and decision-making for general practitioners managing newly diagnosed pancreatic lesions.
  • Streamlined referral process, reducing the burden on specialised healthcare services.
  • Enhanced patient care and outcomes through the implementation of evidence-based guidelines.
  • Improvement of pathway of care between pancreatic specialists and primary care practitioners including long term management.
  • Greater awareness among primary care and non-pancreatic practitioners of the recommended management and treatment approaches for incidental pancreatic lesions

The guideline is due for publication in 2025. For more information please contact the Secretariat